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Cheap Travel Tips

1. Arm yourself with lots of information regarding your destination of choice. Write to obtain information from a variety of sources like the tourism boards, local chamber of commerce and tourist information centres. They all offer and share information gladly with would-be travellers. Best of all, it costs you only the time and maybe the phone call or postage required on a self-addressed stamped envelope, to access this treasure-trove of information. Sometimes the information is even online, at your fingertips, readily accessible and without any associated costs. Knowledge is power! It will save you money.

Avoid being taken advantage of, exploited or extorted by excessive prices and/or misrepresentation by arming yourself with the facts! Ensuring that you are familiar with as much background and localized, relevant, up-to-date travel, general information, will better prepare you for the details of your trip, assist in planning your event schedule more effectively, and being a smart and informed tourist never hurt anyone!

2. Travel resources and destination guides are a great help and good place to start gathering topical, destination and relevant information. Consult many of them and check often for new and helpful resources in print and online that contains destination-like travel information.

Save money if you are an AAA member and take advantage of their free travel guides. Avoid costly mistakes and unanticipated costs, for hotels for example, by knowing what is happening in the area at the time you are planning to take your trip. Are there any conventions, major sports events or concerts, trade-shows and other happenings in and around where you plan to be? Might any of these factors influence cost and availability? Ensure informational detail provided is reliable and current. Be smart, check, and verify the information provided to ensure that it is up to date and accurate.

3. Be informed and show local interest. Read and do research about your destination, location and surrounding areas. Hidden treasures are found this way! Enjoy travel previews and other multimedia sources that can be a good way to “rehearse” and prepare for your trip. Talk to others who have been there and ask them about places to stay and things to see.

4. Remember to budget some additional funds for taking care of those dear ones who cannot do so for themselves. We are referring to our animal friends and pets. Special arrangements for pets should be made prior to any trip and well in advance. This applies, whether pets are being cared for at home by a neighbour or friend, placed in a kennel (taking a mini-vacation of their own!), or accompanying you on your trip.

Save money by checking your options at your destination. Some rental holiday homes, apartments, hotels and resorts are pet-friendly and encourage owners to bring them along. Avoid unnecessary costs of boarding. Make it a rule of thumb however, to verify any details pertaining to animals, prior to departure. Be smart and get all vet visits, guidelines, travel documents and other paperwork that applies, done way in advance. If you do not have any pets, looking after your domicile and belongings should be left to a trusted and responsible party you trust and value.

5. Being practical goes a long way to save you money and unnecessary, self-inflicted ‘pain’ away from home! Be sure to pack some common sense too. Save money by not giving in to impulse shopping repeatedly, especially on ‘must-have’ shoes! Avoid wearing or trying out the newly bought pair of semi-uncomfortable shoes on your travels. Your feet and pocketbook will thank you.

6. In preparation for making your travel dream come true, assembling a personal travel file is also not a bad idea. Include the exotic and far-away lands you are considering, as well as your local visitors attractions and destinations in and around where you live, for those shorter trips. This will assist you in realizing your travel goals and dreams you worked so hard on putting together and getting ready to execute!

Traveling is both exciting and exhilarating. It appeals to the majority of us for various reasons. It all seems to stem from somewhere deep within our human make-up. We are social and curious beings. Our earlier nomadic traditions and heritage, urge us to explore and conquer our world, both known and unknown. It has always been a quest and inspiration to go somewhere we have not been before and see places unseen until now.

Tips for Traveling on a budget will offer a few ideas to keep the money where it should be – in your pocket and/or well spent to make your vacation dream come true, while still maximizing your vacationing and travel experience!

Keep Your Travel Expenses Down

Travel costs money, but cheap travel is possible. The travel and hospitality industry is a multi-billion dollar business and many local economies depend on it for their existence. With everyone competing for your money, here are a few tips to make the most of your travel budget.

1.Split a meal.

Meals are a large part of a travel budget. To cut down on that expense you can share a meal. Many places serve portions that are way too big anyway. This is also a good idea since you’re limited in storing leftovers. If you’re concerned that you’ll walk away hungry, share an appetizer and a meal. You can also drink water to cut down the expense. Drinks are a restaurant’s greatest profit maker.

2.Travel to a place when there’s a festival.

Many cities have festivals that are free. All in one place you can get entertainment, culture, food, unique souvenirs and activities.

3.Check out free museums and exhibits.

There are many museums that do not charge a fee. Do, however, expect to see many donation sites throughout urging you to give what you can. Don’t forget to check with a major university or military base in the area as they have exhibits that are open to the public.

4.Historical sights

Every place has some site that is of historical importance, some more than others. Not all are free, but reasonable. To find out more, check with the local chamber of commerce, local historical society or the city/county/state website.

5.Walking tours

Chambers of commerce often produce a planned walking tour. If they don’t, then make up your own. You can find information to plan your own tour on the internet, at the library or in book stores.

6. State Parks

Each state has a park system. State parks are more than just campgrounds. Many are recreation areas with all sorts of outdoor activities. Some even have lodging available that is comparable to resort hotels. Since each state subsidizes their system, user fees are affordable.

With a little bit of planning and research, you can find ways to make the most of your travel budget and still come home with happy memories and money in the bank.

Proper Outdoor Outfit For Adventure Trips

According to outdoor adventure experts, one of the quickest ways of ruining what could be the perfect outdoor adventure, is to bring outdoor clothing items that don’t fit you, or perform poorly. Adventure clothing experts note that the type of clothing you bring should first be comfortable and effectively protect you from the elements such as snow, wind, rain and others.

Looking good while on an outdoor adventure escapade should not be simply decided on style. Since you’re going out on a different type of trip, the outdoor clothing that you need to have should be functional, comfortable and durable. Bringing the appropriate type of adventure clothing apparel will do a lot in improving your level of safety and comfort. Outdoor adventure veterans say that it would be good to dress in long sleeved shirts and long pants. This helps because exposed skin may be prone to sunburn, scratches, bug bites, scrapes and abrasions. Long sleeved shirts also protect you from coming into contact with allergy-causing bushes or plants, or some infectious and poisonous foliage. Some light cuts or injuries may lead to more serious infections. However, dressing up in short clothing when you’re in the water for a swim or when at the beach would be just fine. This also would be applicable when you’re simply lounging around the campsite or resting at some designated way station. Just ensure that you don’t get bitten by bugs or other insects, and stay in the shade during hot days to avoid sunburn.

Choosing the appropriate outdoor clothing fabric is also vital. Fabrics such as cotton allow for extra comfort during hot and damp weather, but this won’t be the case whenever you’re in an outdoor adventure excursion. Cotton may be soft and comfortable, however in an outdoor adventure setting. This fabric will absorb so much moisture that it holds against the skin. Clothing experts say that wool or synthetic blends would be more appropriate clothing materials when in the outdoors. Most well-known outdoor adventure equipment manufacturers develop good-quality and durable outdoor clothing products, which are generally less-absorbent and quickly remove the dampness away from your skin. Good-quality outdoor clothing usually does well in keeping you dry, as well as retaining your proper body temperature

It also helps to wear durable, superior-quality hiking boots or shoes or boots. Wearing cheap but poor-quality hiking boots will only increase the risks of getting sores and blisters on your feet. Most well-known outdoor equipment brands are known for making shoes that provide ample protection against twisted ankles, blisters and sores, stone bruises, twisted ankles, and other foot injuries. In buying the appropriate outdoor footwear, it helps to choose those that fit well on your feet, and dry quickly when exposed to water or wet conditions. Sandals are considered good for beach or camp wear, but never for sweating it out on the rough and bumpy trail.

When thinking of which outdoor clothing to bring, consider clothing which serves as a system that will protect your body from the elements, and not simply as items that will make you look good or feel comfy. It helps to dress in layers when going on an outdoor adventure excursion. Outdoor travel experts say the ideal clothes you bring should be equipped with a layered undergarment that wipes or eases moisture away quickly and enables you to remain dry and comfortable for longer periods. However, the weather will determine how you dress up, so you surely won’t need to dress up like an Eskimo during dry and hot conditions. It helps to be prepared with the appropriate layers of clothing when weather conditions suddenly change. Bring clothes that are comfortable, good looking and durable, and made of light-weight materials. In particular, clothes that help reduces sweat quickly as well as keep insects and other irritants at bay.

Significant Camping Gear You Ought to Bring

Man doesn’t live by bread alone, a famous saying goes. Imagine eating the same food or doing the same thing every day. If ever you’re the kind who’s into the usual 8 to 5 job routine and the repetitiveness is killing you, then it’s time to head out for the great outdoors. The world is such a wonderful place to discover, so kick out boredom and get out into the wild. The wilderness is a truly exciting place to go, particularly for those who sit on their desks all day and poke their fingers at the computer. Getting out of the office or the city and heading into open skies, clear rivers, and steep mountain peaks can truly be a rejuvenating undertaking, as well as a nice way to release stress and to ponder about the simple pleasures of life. Before heading out, make sure you bring with you the required camping equipment, to make your adventure less-cumbersome and more exciting.

Outdoor adventure encompasses a lot of activities, from hiking, camping, rafting, skiing, trekking or mountain climbing. Before you begin your adventure, list all the camping equipment and tools you need to bring, and this requires some shopping. You could go directly to an outdoor equipment shop and buy the stuff you need or you can also do this online. You could consider buying anything from lightweight and durable tents, disposable utensils, sleeping bags, GPS equipment, hiking boots, waterproof jackets, weightless clothes and other specialized camping gear. When buying these on the Internet, you could use your credit or debit card to make the purchase. Be sure you buy camping gear that are light and easy to carry, so that you won’t get bogged down carrying these in the field, as well as to give you as much freedom while trekking in the valley or while going up a hill.

You need to be aware that most types of camping equipment are expensive since these are specially designed to endure and weather the elements. To keep your budgets and your sanity intact, start by making a list of items that you will truly need when camping. Also make sure that the equipment you buy is durable enough for regular or seasonal use. Shop around for the appropriate items, compare prices, and read about product reviews and endorsements. These product reviews will help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of buying a specific outdoor gear. Essential outdoor camping equipment also would include soft fabric clothing, mini stoves, hiking boots, utensils, chairs, tables, medicine kits and more. Each outdoor destination may also have its own set of requirements, so find out in advance what gear are required in specific adventure destinations.

The joys of the great outdoors far outweigh the expenses and the risks, which explains why many dare to go where only a few have gone to. The immense feeling one gets when waking up to the scent of fresh forest air, viewing majestic and rugged landscapes, watching the stars on a clear sky at night, and the smell of fresh coffee or barbeque while on an open campfire, will make for a truly priceless experience. Whether you decide to go fishing, trekking, camping, mountain climbing or white water rafting, bringing the required outdoor equipment will go a long way in ensuring your safety, well-being and enjoyment. Lastly, plan in advance the kind of meals you will be eating. If ever you plan to bring the family along, ask your children to help make the list, so that they too would have a great time outdoors. It would also be great for families who have small children to bring along special games or toys to help keep the kids entertained while camping.

BEST Travel Destination for Yourself

You love to travel – But if you’re not a millionaire, then probably need to work and save for a long time to afford a lengthy travel and vacation. That is the reason why you need to be sure that the travel destinations that you will be picking is going to be worth the wait. Don’t just let all that hard work go to waste.

The good news is that with a little research and preparation on your part you can get some assurance that your vacation is going to be a memorable one. The most important decision that you need to make is to choose the destination that you will be going to. Here are some ideas that you can follow so you can pick the right travel destination:

What Are Your Interests? – Among the things that you should explore when you are traveling are your interests. What are the things that you are interested in and what would you like to try out? Make a list of those things that you are interested in doing and then try to find a destination where you can engage in those interests.

The best destinations that you can go for are those where you can engage in several of your interests. If you like history, for example, and you are interested in swimming at the beach then look for a place that has both. The more specific your interest is, the easier it would be for you to pick a location.

Relax- Before you become pumped up with all of the stuff that you want to do, keep in mind that vacation time is also a period when you have to relax. This is the period when you can take things a little easy and free yourself from the worries of work. So your destination should be a place that can offer relaxation.

Some adventure would be okay in your vacation, but the place where you would be staying should have some nice relaxing place after a day’s adventure.

Seek Advice- As I have already mentioned, your vacation means so much for you, so you should not mess it up. Ask people that you know for some recommendations when it comes to the places that you can travel to, places where you can stay and things that you can try out. You can also seek information from travel magazines and travel websites for additional information.

Your Companions- You should also consider your companions if you are not traveling alone. Will they be enjoying the decisions that you have come up with? Don’t assume, ask for their opinion because you might end up as the only person happy with the trip.

Your Budget- Don’t forget that your budget will also play a factor in the destination that you will be deciding on. You should settle for one that you can really afford and not go for one that would stretch your budget to the point where you have to sacrifice other things.

These are just some of the things that you have got to consider when you’re picking a place to visit for your vacation.

The New Tourism

The idea is not to say that tourism in typical European cities or in the US and Canada is decreasing, because of course it isn’t really. But if we take a comparative study of the evolution of tourism during the recent years we may see that the touristic growth of these typical places compared to the one related with more exotic ones is pretty low. Everything indicates that the best travel destinations are about to change soon.

If we take a broader look at the world, we can discover that a recent trend for countries that are on the way to develop have found that tourism is a great way to create some income to finance their projects. Sure, the strategy is not wrong in the first approach. If we don’t have the money, we bring it from the outside. This should work and in fact it does work, but not everything is written in pink. There’s also black there, and very black. They’ve become the best travel destinations but they’ll have a high price to pay because of that.

What is happening is that in the hurry to develop great touristic attractive locations and funding publicity campaigns the money is not going where it should be. In the end, and going a bit to the extreme situation, the result is that conditions on the living standards of people in the country keep being the same while tourists are enjoying an amazing lifestyle, even with low prices compared to their home countries. And this is what is happening with some of the best touristic destinations such as Brazil, India, China, Turkey, Venezuela or Thailand, together with an increase of tourism in countries in Eastern Europe.

And from my point of view what is happening is simply because governments are failing in the approach they give to tourism. In my opinion, tourism does not need to mean luxury hotels and big resorts with expensive personnel or great museums and exhibitions. Many of these countries have the beauty in the sights, in the history you can feel in the streets of their towns and cities, in nature. Taking the example of some African countries, I consider absolutely wrong to build up 5 star hotels in the middle of the jungle. They simply don’t fit. Instead, they should try to take a more cultural approach and build buildings that do fit with the local style, that have some meaning related to the region, taking advantage of the exotic taste tourists could get.

Tourism should be cultural immersion and in the way it is being done nowadays it fails completely with it’s original purpose. In other words, if you want a luxury hotel, keep visiting Paris, but please don’t go down to Kenya. Unfortunately, if you go down to Kenya you will find the same luxury hotel. Furthermore, it seems that nowadays in order to be one of the best travel destinations you need to have a 5 star hotel standing there. Which is the idea of great vacations that people have?

On the other hand, I don’t want to seem a person who is against high quality hotels. Don’t take me wrong. I simply think that everything should be in place and respecting the area and culture where it is placed. A 5 star hotel fits perfectly in the cozy area of central Paris, and this is not something I will discuss. It simply fits, and I personally would take it if traveling there, using any of the free travel certificates that are available on the net in certain places. Which ones, you say?

Getting the Best Cruise Deals

In the past, taking cruises was reserved for the rich and privileged. However, nowadays, prices of cruises have dropped substantially and there are many great cruise deals to be had. While you can simply head to your local travel agency, browse some pamphlets, and book a cruise, your best bet is to search for bargains online to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most value for your money when booking a cruise.

  1. January through March is the busiest booking period in the cruise industry. This is also the time when most of the best deals come out. Deals may even come with incentives such as free cell phones to entice you to book. This three month period is typically the best time to keep an eye out for such special offers.
  2. Read the Sunday papers from large metropolitan areas near cruise embarkation cities and have a look at their travel sections. Big cruise bargains are often published in newspapers. You can have a look at them in your local library or purchase short-term subscriptions. So, if you’re looking to book a cruise that embarks from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, check the newspapers in those cities. If you want to take a cruise that embarks from Galveston, Texas, check the online travel ads of the Houston Chronicle or the Dallas Morning News.
  3. Call the cruise line directly to speak with a customer service representative. You can use the quote that the cruise gives you as the starting point for planning your vacation. Make sure to mention your age, state of residence, whether you are traveling with a group, and whether you have been on the cruise line before because you may qualify for certain discounts.
  4. Use a travel agent. Travel agents, whether online or offline, can often provide you with better prices because they can give extra discounts that the cruise lines cannot. Furthermore, a travel agent can help you get the most value for your money by helping you choose a cruise that is most suitable for your needs.
  5. Booking early, around four to six months in advance, will help you get the best cruise deals. Cruise lines tend to emphasize early booking and are moving away from last minute deals because cruises fill up faster nowadays. Many cruise lines offer discounts for customers who book early so make sure to check with your travel agent to learn about such discounts because they are often not published on cruise line websites. Another benefit of booking early is that you are more likely to get the stateroom or suite of your choice.

Finding Discount Cruise Deals

Have you ever wondered why so many people around the world are choosing cruises for their vacation? Perhaps it’s because you can relax and stay unpacked while traveling from port to port. Perhaps it’s the fabulous food, Broadway-type shows, and dancing ’til dawn that fills the minds of potential vacationers. Or maybe it’s a little bit or a lot of everything, as fascinating ports of call always seem to be just a day or two away.

Do you think that such a vacation is reserved for the wealthy and is completely out of your price range? The truth is that cruises are now competitively priced and are financially appealing to even the tightest budget, as all meals and entertainment are included in the price. But you also don’t want to pay any more than you have to. Whatever your vacation needs and financial situation, you’ll need some tips finding and picking out the best discount cruise deals to Bermuda, Alaska and the Caribbean.

Tip #1… Always use the Internet, that’s where the best deals are. As with nearly everything else, competition yields the best price. Nothing has increased competition more in recent years than the World Wide Web.

Tip #2… Find a good site with wide selection of the cruises you want to take. Even if you have already chosen your destination for this particular voyage and are merely searching for the best price, a site with a large selection of both will not only be able to get you the best price this time, but for any future cruise objectives as well.

Tip #3…The more flexible your schedule is, the better deal you’ll get. If it’s possible for you take your cruise during one particular week instead of another, you’ll most likely be able to get a better price. This is due basically to cabin availability during certain times of the year when cruise ships aren’t filled to capacity, compared to the times when everyone wants to get on board. So if possible, be flexible.

Tip #4… Being open to different destinations will help you get a lower price. Maybe the cruise to Hawaii can be put off for a few years if you’ve find the price of a lifetime on a voyage through the Panama Canal, or you found a great deal in the Caribbean this year, so you’ll take it this time and go someplace else on the next.

Finally, you need to take into consideration the fact that while cruising to your location of choice, your means of traveling from one place to another is part of the illustrious experience. There is no need for you to pack and repack your belongings and trudge them to the airport to visit another nearby locale, for your cruise will most likely stop at a pleasantly surprising location or two along the way.

Booking Early Can Get You Cheap Flights

There are many concessions when you try to get flights. The first thing that you need to consider is the fact that booking early is convenient for the airline. It allows them to plan for the passenger numbers likely to be on board. It also removes the uncertainty that is often associated with large bookings where there is no defined passenger list. If you book early, then they can reciprocate by also providing you with great price concessions. It is important that you follow the basic rules that relate to the booking process as well as the tips that are provided for getting flights.

Try to use the internet:

The internet allows you to sample all the providers of cheap flights. You will then be in a position to make an informed decision about the direction which you are going to take when it comes to actually booking a flight. It is in your best interests to follow the best tips on the online market. The majority of major airplane companies will regularly update their standard provision using the online tools.

Get in touch with a good broker:

The broker is meant to ensure that you get the very best deal on the market. They are away of all the issues that relate to cheap flights. Therefore you can be sure that they will provide you with sound advice which can enable you to have a great trip at minimal costs. These brokers change from company to company but they are still bound by the limitations of professional standards. You can get a really good deal if you have a competent broker on hand to guide you through the market for cheap flights.

Avoid the festival seasons:

It is well known that the festival seasons will bring an increment in the price that you have to pay for your flight. Christmas and the Easter Break are some of the most important festivals in the Western community. It is possible to still get cheap flights during the festival season. However your work will be much easier of you make a booking during the off-peak periods. At that point the airplane company will have plenty of discretion to provide you with a great deal.

Holidays can be booked a year in advance:

The cheap flights can be booked a year in advance. Some of the airplane companies will appreciate the fact that you are putting them on early notice concerning the travel arrangements you have in mind. They can then respond by giving you a really good measure of the affordable prices that are available. The cheap flights can be a reward for giving the provider notice of your travel intentions. They can also go some way in removing the level of uncertainty which is associated with international travel at the moment.

You can always change the ticket nearer your departure date:

There are some consumers who feel that if you purchase flights tickets for cheap, it is very difficult for you to change the itinerary nearer the time of departure. This is not necessarily true. The provider is aware that your travel arrangements can change. They have many scheduled cheap flights. Therefore they can afford to make some adjustments. You might be asked to contribute a small extra charge in order to change the booking dates. This will not necessarily remove all the great savings that you have made on the deal. You should always look to adjust for the cheap flights.

Find Cheap Flights To International Airports

Reserving tickets in international flights is an expensive task. Further, if you’re planning to fly between the major airports of different countries, this process becomes all the more costly. However, you can still get air tickets at reasonable prices if you do some research. If you’re already confused about how to find cheap flights connecting the international airports, please go through the following paragraphs.

This article deals with information on how to find cheap flights.

One way international flights are often costlier. So, if you’re flying between two major air terminals, it is advisable that you go for round trip tickets. For this, you need to plan your traveling schedule accordingly.

Be flexible when it comes to acquiring information. Check out all possible resources that offer you information on how to find cheap flights, whether it is a travel agent, a tourism company, a travel guide or your local tourism office.

Be extra careful while purchasing air tickets. You can purchase your tickets from airline consolidators. Such people purchase tickets in bulk. Thereafter, they provide your desired seat, at a reduced price. In case you’re booking a last-minute flight, reaching these consolidators is the best option for you.

I’m sure you must be familiar with the auction websites and forums. Several travel agencies run auction websites that let you bid on airline tickets. If you’ve plenty of time in hand, you can try your luck here. Once you bid on a ticket, the agents will either accept or deny your offer. They may give you some valuable advices regarding this and might help you also. If you’re getting the tickets at reasonable prices, it is well in good else, check out other options.

You can also purchase tickets from online forums. Many businessmen auction their tickets at online forums if they have to delay or cancel their trip due to some reason. You can readily get tickets from these forums.

Apart from these, call centers are excellent sources of instant information. The customer care executives appointed in these call centers offer you tips on how to find cheap flights.

Your last option is consulting your friends, family and business associates. Seek advice from a person who is a frequent traveler. He might give you a valuable advice regarding this matter.

Now I’m sure that you know how to find cheap flights. Simply keep these tips in mind while booking your tickets.